Author: Adrian Lee

Healthy Diets: Negative Calorie Foods

Negative calorie means that you use more calories in eating and digesting the food than it contains, keeping in mind that we burn calories all of the time by simply living, even when we sleep. In practice the term is used for a lot of low calorie foods.

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Migraine Relief: Remedies For Migraine Relief

Migraine Relief: Migraine Relief and Migraine Remedies Migraines are caused by blood vessels in the brain dilating. Migraine relief works to relieve the pressure on the blood vessels which reduces the pain. Previously, migraine sufferers have been very limited by the amount of medication available. You can use with over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers or analgesics. Unfortunately, there is no cure for a migraine and they can be extremely complicated to treat as there are so many different varieties of migraine affecting each individuals differently. However there is a wide range of medications and remedies designed to relieve the effects of a migraine. Migraine Relief: Migraine Treatment Triptans have few side effects if used in correct dosage and frequency. Triptans cause a disruption to the chain of chemical events that cause a migraine which can significantly decrease the intense symptoms. They are found in a variety of different forms and are the most common medication prescribed to treat migraine. In general, migraine treatments are divided into three categories: preventive, abortive and symptomatic. These can take the form of both prescription or over-the-counter drugs and simple, yet effective, non-medication based home remedies. Preventive medications aim to prevent the occurrence of migraines before they can start. Once the migraine has begun, abortive medication is designed to relieve the pain and symptomatic medication can aid any symptoms experienced alongside the attack such as...

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Migraine: Migraine Headaches

Migraine Headaches: What Causes A Migraine? The cause of migraine is has not been proven. Some believe it is caused by certain food, others believe it is caused by the environment you are in. While the causes are unknown, certain things may trigger your migraine attack.

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