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BodyRock Fry Fat Fast | Day 1

No equipment all body weight work out – this is going to be hard and fast. You really have to fit and strong for this all body workout. This workout consists of 3 rounds of: Set One: Jump + Burpee + Push-up + Tuck + Jump Back for 50 seconds. Rest: 10 seconds Set Two: Dive Bombers for 50 seconds. Rest: 10 seconds Set Three: Push-up + Spider + Crossover for 50 seconds. Rest: 10 seconds Set Four: Crab Touch for 50...

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How Flip Flops Mess With Your Feet

People Love Wearing Flip Flops Flip Flops are the ideal footwear for most people in the summer and for those in hot climates. It is the perfect laidback footwear for a day at the beach. But as you can imagine, flip flops or slippers as they are called in South East Asia, can pose problems to your feet. They are comfortable to wear, easy to slip into but as you can imagine, they do leave your feet expose to dirt and bacteria. If you like wearing them, just be sure to give your feet a good cleaning when you...

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Online Hypnosis Helps You Change Your Life

How Does Online Hypnosis Help You Make Changes In Your Life Hypnosis is a procedure that a therapist use to encourage a person to be more open to suggestions, and can lead to changes in perception, emotion, thought or behavior. While it may look like the person under hypnosis is asleep, he or she is actually in a mental state that is at another level of awareness compared to ordinary consciousness. The question many people have is, “Is Hypnosis Dangerous?”. Imagine someone being able to alter your behavior and you do not even remember it. Most people have only...

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Fitness Video: Hot Leg Show Workout

Fitness Video: Hot Leg Show Workout with Body Rock TV Intense Workout for legs and your bum! Haley takes you through 10 exercises of interval training targeted at your legs and bum. This workout is designed to work your legs and bum, and shape them up. Workout Break Down 1) Squat Pulse 2) Back Squat using the pink Sandbag 3) Forward Lunge bicep curl using the Sandbag 4) 10 In & Out With Pushup using the Sandbag 5) 10 Hip Pulses 1 Leg out Up In 6) Jump Squats 7) Step Overs Using the pink Equalizer 8) Sand Bag...

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Fitness Video: Hot Touch Workout

Fitness Video: Hot Touch Workout by Body Rock Get ready for 12 minutes of intense legs and bum workout! Haley and Sean take you through 4 exercises of interval training targeted at your legs and buttocks. If you are have just started working out, you can reduce the number of sets or the intensity of the workout. Workout Break Down 1) Alternating back lunge using the Sandbag 2) Burpees with jump tuck 3) Forward Lunge Leg Press using the Sandbag 4) Spiderman Note: If you don’t have a sandbag, use what you have. Fitness Workout Instruction: Hot Touch Workout...

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