Can Eating Eggs Really Be Good For Your Health?

Our Healthy Diets Tip this week: Eating eggs can be good for your health.

eggs good for healthLike many people, I have been told that eating too many eggs might not be good for you and that yolks are bad. But I have also heard that eggs are a good source of protein. I have always figured that as long as you exercise well, you can eat pretty much every thing, just don’t over do it.

I came across this study that said “Eggs Are Nearly As Bad For Your Arteries As Cigarettes”. A study conducted by Canadian researchers on 1,231 patients at Health Sciences Centre’s University Hospital in London.

In case you are interested, don’t bother reading it. Prominent nutritionists such as Alan Aragon, Mike Roussell, and Chris Mohr has viewed the study with disbelief and frustration. They believe the study contains erroneous conclusions, a flawed methodology, and some questionable data.

Are Eggs Good for Your Health?

Adam Bornstein of conducted an experiment to find out if eating eggs were good for your health. While the observations may not quite hold up to a clinical study, I am inclined to accept his findings. Why? Because back in the days when I was working out at the gym and doing martial arts, I ate a lot of eggs. I noticed no health and performance issues, nor did I suffer any injury.

The goal was to answer the question: Do eggs hurt your cholesterol and make you fat? This is what he did:

  1. Ate 3 whole eggs every day during the entire process
  2. Followed the same caloric input and diet during the entire process as the previous month
  3. Used the same training approach during the experiment as the previous month

Before and After
Before he started the process, he made a visit to his doctor to get a baseline reading.

  • Weight: 175 pounds
  • Total cholesterol: 132
  • HDL (the good stuff): 56
  • LDL (the bad stuff): 66
  • Triglycerides: 30
  • Body Fat: 13%

When his experiment ended, he made another visit to his doctor to compare results.

  • Weight: 175 pounds
  • Total cholesterol: 133
  • HDL (the good stuff): 59
  • LDL (the bad stuff): 64
  • Triglyercides: 30
  • Body Fat: 12%

His stated fitness goal going into the experiment was to maintain his current level of fitness. The experiment itself was to see if eating 3 eggs a day had any impact on his cholesterol level and energy level.

Let’s examine his readings, his weight at the end of the period was the same, his good cholesterol level went up, and his bad cholesterol level went down. While his cholesterol level did go up, any number below 200 is healthy. His percentage of body fat was reduced by 1% which is good. So all in all, the results certainly seem very promising. In addition, he claimed that he experienced a boost in strength during his diet of eggs.

Conclusion: Eggs Are Good for Your Health

It would appear that the continued training reduced his body fat by 1%, which can be expected if you follow a sensible diet and continued working out. If you attribute his good cholesterol level to his fitness regime, then the increased egg diet has no impact on health.

I think this proves that eggs does no harm to your cholesterol levels as long as you keep an active lifestyle. Work out regularly, follow a sensible diet and have no current health issues.

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