Fitness Video: Hot Leg Show Workout with Body Rock TV

Intense Workout for legs and your bum!
Haley takes you through 10 exercises of interval training targeted at your legs and bum.
This workout is designed to work your legs and bum, and shape them up.

Workout Break Down
1) Squat Pulse
2) Back Squat using the pink Sandbag
3) Forward Lunge bicep curl using the Sandbag
4) 10 In & Out With Pushup using the Sandbag
5) 10 Hip Pulses 1 Leg out Up In
6) Jump Squats
7) Step Overs Using the pink Equalizer
8) Sand Bag Toe Touch Stand Up Curl using the pink Sandbag
9) Bicep Curl using the pink Sandbag
10) Back Row using the pink Sandbag

Hot Leg Show Workout with Haley at BodyRock TV

Fitness Workout Instruction: Hot Leg Show Workout

Set your interval timer to 20 minutes.
50 seconds work/10 seconds rest with 1 minute rest period between each sets.
For advance workout, go through this workout twice.

Great for fitness and weight loss, shape up your legs and buttocks exercises. Perfect for women’s fitness, you can exercise at home and use what equipment you have.

Follow along and do these bum workout at home.

Official website: www.BodyRock.Tv
Haley’s Facebook Page: Sean Light – BodyRock.Tv Host