People Love Wearing Flip Flops

Flip Flops are the ideal footwear for most people in the summer and for those in hot climates. It is the perfect laidback footwear for a day at the beach. But as you can imagine, flip flops or slippers as they are called in South East Asia, can pose problems to your feet.

They are comfortable to wear, easy to slip into but as you can imagine, they do leave your feet expose to dirt and bacteria. If you like wearing them, just be sure to give your feet a good cleaning when you get home or get back to the hotel room.

Find Flip Flops That Give Your Feet Support

Your feet do need the support they get from a good pair of footwear, even while on holiday. So do take the time to find a good pair, it is worth the extra you might have to spend.

Here is a infographic to shows you what happens to your feet when you wear flip flops.

How Flip Flops Mess With Your Feet

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