How do I enhance my breast size?

How To Enhance Breast SizeThis is a question I came across on Bra Enhance Q&A, a website that provide answers for women and girls about breast enhancement.

The reason I was there is because I came across a product that promises to enhance your breast called the Vibrating Bra. How anyone can promote this product is beyond my understanding. Breast implants is the only way you can increase your breast size.

How do I enhance my breast size to the point where it’s noticeable?


I am sixteen and my breasts haven’t grown since my major growth spurt when I was in the fourth grade. I still need not where a bra. I get made fun of in school and my shirts don’t fit me right. I tried padded bras, water bras, cutlets and all that but they don’t work for me. I don’t have the kind of money for surgery or pills. I am 5’3″ and 112 lbs. the only thing that changed from4 grade was my weight. My breast size isn’t even in an a cup and being 16 with a boyfriend (whom i am actively involved with) it doesn’t look to good on my part. I am tired of being self conscious about my breasts. I am sick of having to wear push up bras that don’t even push anything up….I need to find out how to boost my self esteem without anything that is fake (surgery, pads, pills) so it would be nice to know the answer. It would make me a very happy gal and my boyfriend would be happy as well, even though he says he likes them just the way they are. If there is anyone out there with an intelligent answer, please help.


The Best Answers for How do I enhance my breast size?

Answer No.1:
The reason that breast implants are so popular, is that it is the ONLY way to increase your size. You can exercise the pectoral muscles, but that will not increase your breasts (they are glands, not muscle).

However, at 16 you are too young. You may not grow any more, but whether or not to have surgery is a decision you need to make once you reach 18.

If you decide to have children, you may grow a bit with pregnancy.

YOU are a lot more than the size of two glands on your chest. You should get your self worth from the kind of person you are, not how you look in a bikini. Be yourself.

As far as men go, it sounds as if your bf likes you for you. Hang onto him! Men that like you for your body are shallow and not worth your time or attention.

Answer No.2:
EAT! Try getting up around to 120lbs and see where you’re at.

But I have to agree with your boyfriend, (there is) nothing wrong with small boobs on an athletic chick. Small natural boobs will always feel better than fake ones, the fake ones are just nice to look at, and even then, only while clothed, a lot of them look horrendous bare. If there’s any way you can learn to love yourself with small breasts, then please do that and don’t get implants.

Answer No.3
Breast do not make you a better and prettier person, honey. You need think beyond what other people think and believe in your more beautiful qualities that make who you are. I have small breast and many many guys tell me I am drop dead absolutely fabulous because I know I am more than my breasts, I am beautiful small and would not change it for the world. Dump that guy if he is superficial.

How do you enhance your breast size?

From the many answers I have read on that website, they all agree on one thing – Love yourself for who you are, you are more than your breasts.

Before you think about getting breast implants, try putting on some weight if you are on the thin side – Eat! Especially if you have been very active in sports like long distance running or doing heavy weight training.

Above all, love yourself for who you are. You are beautiful!