Migraine Relief: Migraine Relief and Migraine Remedies

medication pillsMigraines are caused by blood vessels in the brain dilating. Migraine relief works to relieve the pressure on the blood vessels which reduces the pain. Previously, migraine sufferers have been very limited by the amount of medication available. You can use with over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers or analgesics.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for a migraine and they can be extremely complicated to treat as there are so many different varieties of migraine affecting each individuals differently. However there is a wide range of medications and remedies designed to relieve the effects of a migraine.

Migraine Relief: Migraine Treatment

Triptans have few side effects if used in correct dosage and frequency. Triptans cause a disruption to the chain of chemical events that cause a migraine which can significantly decrease the intense symptoms. They are found in a variety of different forms and are the most common medication prescribed to treat migraine.

In general, migraine treatments are divided into three categories: preventive, abortive and symptomatic. These can take the form of both prescription or over-the-counter drugs and simple, yet effective, non-medication based home remedies.

Preventive medications aim to prevent the occurrence of migraines before they can start. Once the migraine has begun, abortive medication is designed to relieve the pain and symptomatic medication can aid any symptoms experienced alongside the attack such as nausea and vomiting.

Most commonly, simple over-the-counter treatments are used to combat the effects of migraines such as ibuprofen or naproxen which are anti-inflammatory drugs. Analgesics like acetaminophen can also be effective.

There are no particular drugs that are designed specifically to prevent migraines from occurring. However if migraines are severely disrupting daily life, then your doctor may prescribe certain blood pressure medications or anti-depressants which have been shown to be effective for this purpose.

Beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers fall into these categories and can work effectively by relaxing the blood vessels in the brain allowing the blood to flow through more easily. One calcium channel blocker called Verapamil is commonly prescribed as a migraine relief, even though it is primarily used to treat high blood pressure – often in conjunction with other medications.

Alongside drug-based remedies, many migraine sufferers can try drug-free treatments to relieve the symptoms. Long term sufferers may have established things that trigger a migraine attack. The most common triggers include certain foods, stressful situations and hormonal fluctuations. Avoidance of these triggers is recommended to prevent migraine attacks.

Migraine Relief: Migraine Home Remedies

However migraines can be relieved by several other home remedies. Aromatherapy for instance has been proven to have a calming influence which can relieve stress and tension. The scents of Peppermint, sandalwood and eucalyptus are common essential oils used to treat migraine attacks.

Commonly used in conjunction with aromatherapy oils is massage. In as little as ten minutes a massage performed by someone else can work to relax the tension within the body and ease the pain caused by a migraine.

As well as this, a frozen towel can relieve a severe headache brought on by migraine. Placing a damp towel in the freezer and then wrapping it around the head and the eyes is effective, but alternatively keeping an eye pack in the freezer works just as efficiently.

Dehydration is a particularly common trigger of migraines. If you have been prone to migraines then it is vital to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water – eight cups of water a day is the recommended amount. Continue to drink lots of water even if you are experiencing a migraine attack as it will help to flush the toxins out of the body.

Some people find that eating something which contains salt as soon as they feel a migraine coming on can stop the migraine progressing. Others have noted that ginger root and garlic have had similar effects.

If an attack has already started then camomile tea often provides some relief due to its calmative properties.

Depending on the severity of the migraine attacks, there are a wide range of treatments available. For some who suffer migraines, they may only be an inconvenience which can be treated through home remedies and over-the-counter drugs. Others unfortunately are affected far more severely and require medical assistance through prescription drugs and it is important to consult your health care professional for more information.