Weight Loss: Busting The Myths Of Fat Burning

Exercise Your Stress AwayThere are a lot of misconceptions about exercising for weight loss and what fuel your body burns while you exercise. Your body burns fat and carbs depending on the intensity of your exercises. You also burn calories. And this is where people start getting confused. The best way of looking at it is exercises burns off calories, that is how you lose weight. You burn off more calories than you eat.

1. You Body Only Burns Off Fat When You Exercise
Your body relies on fat and carb to fuel your activities. Even when you are sitting down in front of the television, you are still using energy. The problem is that you are using too little and hence the calories you eat are stored in your body. When you start exercising, you body uses its store of carbohydrates because this supplies your body with energy quickly. As your activity lengthens the body switches over to burning fat. It still burns carbs but the ration of fat being used is higher.

That is why exercises recommended for weight loss. It burns off calories, and if you burn off more than you eat, then you start to loss weight. Since your body converts both fat and carbohydrates into energy, you will also being to loss fat.

2. Low Intensity Exercises Are Better For Fat Loss
It is thought that low intensity exercises such as walking is better at burning off body fat than jogging. While it your body may burn more fat this way as a percentage, overall weight loss will be less. The more strenuous you exercise, the more energy your body consumes. Exercising to loss weight means burning off as much calories as you can. These come from both fat and carbohydrates, working out at a higher intensity means more fat loss.

If your health or fitness level does not allow you to workout at high intensity, you can still get by doing low intensity workouts by doing it longer. Extending your walking sessions, the longer you do it, the more you burn off.

Weight Loss: High Intensity Exercises Like Jogging Burns More Fat

After 15 minutes, high intensity exercises like jogging burns more fat and calories. When you start off your workout, your body burns a higher percentage of carbohydrates to fat, to give you immediate energy. As you extend your workout, the body begins to use a higher percentage of fat. The thing is, regardless of what fuel your body uses, you are burning off calories. This means your body uses energy from fat and carbs. The longer your body burns off energy, the more fat you loss.

Very often, for the average person it is about picking an activity that you have time to do and one that you enjoy doing. Any exercise is better than no exercise. Watch what you eat, create a routine to exercise and you can get control of your weight.

Weight Loss: Burn Off More Calories Than You Eat

Busting fat burning myths: your body burns both fat and carbohydrates. The food you eat contains calories which gives you energy. Food is converted into carbs and fat in your body, the percentage depends on what you are eating.

How you can help your body fight off fat:

  • portion control – control how much you eat
  • cut down high-calorie foods – eat healthy
  • exercise and walk more – activity burns calories!

An active lifestyle, healthy diet will create a better quality of life of you. Reduce health problems, aches and joint pains, keeping up with your kids – life gets better.

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